A Romantic Evening


Twilight – the whip-cracker of – Night
…………..Reaches the beach;
Sky sets – Venus – the evening light,
And to welcome her lover – Sun,
She wears a rosy, glassy gown.

Flirted by her rosy, glassy gown,
Sea furls his knightly, vaulting waves
…………and he does crown
Them with flickering, fiery ringlets
And sets a royal bed for the union.

Flirted by her rosy, glassy gown,
Sea-gulls glare; they miss their watch;
Whales stare through … scarlet screen;
All miss their work; all stop their work,
And leaving world to them, all….go home.

Copyright © September 11, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Sea, are you she?

Sea, are you he or she?
Some say ‘she’;
others say ‘he’.
Tell me
how you become
both he and she!

For them you were he,
a ‘rival’ or a ‘contestant’.
He drowned her child
to appease Poseidon,
the god of sea,
who let them go
and send a city on fire
and then played with him,
and drowned him
in vast wilderness.

But for him, you’re she,
A giver – a benefactress;
you don’t doesn’t mean
you don’t’, but you can’t
as she, who only doesn’t’
since she can’t
when Moon smiles full.

Hence, for me, as for him,
you’re she, but not he.

Copyright © Jan. 4, 2019, Newton Ranaweera

Inspiration from Greek legends and Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.
Image source: Pixabay