If I ruled the world

If I ruled the whole world,
I would have Covid hurled

From all the four continents
And boost our own confidence,

And pack the leading politicos,
Who sat polishing their toes,

To an asylum to count stars
And sling their hearts at Mars;

I’d sit with you in my royal court
And have fun of their frantic sport.

Then I would gather all money
And give equally to each bunny,

And command all men to learn
To refine love in a poetry firm,

To spray love on withering plants,
And duly attend to innocent ants.

Finally, I’d crown my starry girl
And cradle her as a divine pearl.

Copyright © August 25, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

My Grand Father

grandpa 2

My grandfather was a miser, not a teacher;
He was a tyrant, liar and a constant preacher;
He taught my mother and her poor neighbours,
But not to be teachers, yet to be poor barbers,
Cleaners or dhobies who had faith on labours.
He wanted my father to speak superb English,
But he was so shrewd that we learnt Singlish;
When asked, he said it was his policy of ruling,
For he wanted to prevent us from schooling,
And to see the rest feel happy when fooling.
Seeing my father growing a daddy like ruler,
He left my poor grandma becoming so crueler;
He was not my grandma’s brand-new husband,
For he had many more around my homeland,
And one that’s wearing my grandma’s diamond.
My father, as a ruler, is little more lenient,
But his policies are lot more inconvenient;
Now he readily teaches those sons of dhobies,
You know, we are not so dumb as little babies,
For he has no other ways, now, to win ladies.

Image source: Pixabay