Like the previous post, this is also about party politics during election campaigns.

Poetry’s treasure!

Poetry they say is only a replica: a copy
Three times far from ‘truth,’ but I see
Not one, but haunting truths so many.

Many forever munch the taste of truth,
The bitter truth of suffering and loss, and
A few dull men swallow all the pleasures,
For they have heaps of plundered treasure.

A man, who lived not in a faraway land,
Pledged to drive poets from the school land,
For the men drunk with the wine of rhymes
Rioted to topple the house of his idling band.

Now I know why rhyming is such a crime.
When men are drunk with soothing rhymes,
They know where to trace the hiding hounds.


Copyright © August 26, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

King Beggar


“I’ve come myself to hear you,”
that’s him who relied on men
but not on them, the online ones:
WhatsApp, Twitter, nor Instagram.
You know him, a King, a great one
who risked his rule and his life
when that devil turned into a hell,
like yours today, the country and all.

“I don’t know; that must be them,”
to rule a day more, and an hour,
never did he lie, ever but he sought
the devil that ruled – their life and all,
fighting with kins, inside his home,
and with his self, his dear own self,
and helped all feel peace of mind,
by blotting boldly his eyes and his life.

Copyright © April 1, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Tell us, ants


Tell us dear ants, how you’d run
One after another in a raw
And work for a common goal,
keeping unity among yourselves.

After achieving your goal, tell us,
If you would stay very cool
With no fight to claim the credit
And live calm without any profit.

Tell us, if you’d live together there
In one house as we often do here;
If your house’s made of clay alone
As we prefer doing with ours here.

Tell us, how you’d elect your queen;
If she would work with you all
Or just stays home with her legs up
And presses more taxes on you.

Tell us, if you’d watch mega dramas;
if they are made in your own place;
and if food prices rise sky high
while you kiss the stars on the screen.

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