I wonder when alone why we’ve been blessed with twos:
Two ears, two eyes, two hands, two feet and two shoes;
Ah, is that not a miracle?

Two eyes help us to view well the world and its wonders;
Cyclops had only one, and he committed cynical blunders;
Ah, vision is the pinnacle!

Two ears hear around us as guards and report all news
I lost one for a second and lost equally all views
Ah, is that not clinical?

We buy before each season ends, a pair of fancy shoes
My friend lost one and he walks now as if he has had booze
Ah, is that not satirical!

My eyes conspired with my heart to hook another heart
I dropped a note of love to own that precious art
Ah, songs she sings so lyrical!


Copyright © August 9, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay