A Romantic Evening


Twilight – the whip-cracker of – Night
…………..Reaches the beach;
Sky sets – Venus – the evening light,
And to welcome her lover – Sun,
She wears a rosy, glassy gown.

Flirted by her rosy, glassy gown,
Sea furls his knightly, vaulting waves
…………and he does crown
Them with flickering, fiery ringlets
And sets a royal bed for the union.

Flirted by her rosy, glassy gown,
Sea-gulls glare; they miss their watch;
Whales stare through … scarlet screen;
All miss their work; all stop their work,
And leaving world to them, all….go home.

Copyright © September 11, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Her Heart is My Sanctuary


I floated fatigued as a ship with none to steer,
Banging, and crashing with no sanctuary near,

And then she dawned blooming: a crimson rose,
Soothing with an angelic smile my heart that froze.

Heart leapt sensing her move as a gentle breeze,
Glancing at me like the moon, through the trees.

In the morn, she sunned my cold, snowy world;
In the eve, my soul froze when darkness furled.

I stood wriggling and adoring her lovely heart
Waiting for a welcome call to my piece of art

Soon lovely petals opened and let me sail in;
Her heart is my sanctuary: my greatest win.

Copyright © August 18, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay



I wonder when alone why we’ve been blessed with twos:
Two ears, two eyes, two hands, two feet and two shoes;
Ah, is that not a miracle?

Two eyes help us to view well the world and its wonders;
Cyclops had only one, and he committed cynical blunders;
Ah, vision is the pinnacle!

Two ears hear around us as guards and report all news
I lost one for a second and lost equally all views
Ah, is that not clinical?

We buy before each season ends, a pair of fancy shoes
My friend lost one and he walks now as if he has had booze
Ah, is that not satirical!

My eyes conspired with my heart to hook another heart
I dropped a note of love to own that precious art
Ah, songs she sings so lyrical!


Copyright © August 9, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Starry crown

Feast galloped into a hole
And king held just its tail
But his tummy did tell
a tale his tongue didn’t tell.

I’ve read an anti-heroic tale:
A jackal a king cat fooled
And aptly proved him a fool
Witless, tasteless, and old.

Voices hissed in her ears
To mourn, to fight for rights
Or free this bloodless tree
And flee from deceit and lie.

“I’ll wear,” lastly he did swear,
“Atop, thee, my starry crown
And sit beside thee benumbed
Adoring thy rosy, fairy feet”.

Copyright © April 23, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Squirrel Mom


With her wet tail to the shore she runs
To drain sea and save her drowned son;
I see a mother run with her dead son
Seeking mustard seeds from divine men.

With pouring tears back to sea, she runs
To drain sea and save her drowned son;
Mom into her home runs through flames
To avenge red flames that burn her sons.

She runs – to and from sea – she runs
To drain sea and save her drowned son;
A mother cradle on her breasts her twins,
Frightening her restless eyes with pins.

Copyright © January 4, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Love, Lust & Dust

Love, Lust, book cover 2

This play’s title: Love, Lust & Dust,
Aptly implies a bitter tragedy life is.
With love it begins, an ecstatic start,
And onrushes through complexities
To climax: crazy satiation with illusive lust,
When we dance as crabs in a boiling pot,
Being with all the pleasures drunk,
Not knowing what dread fate is to come next,
And then ends this play curiously heroic
In misery, when everything: love – lust,
Turns to ashes, and at last, to odorless dust.


Copyright © January 1, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Cover Design by Sachin Ranaweera

Worn out Cloaks?


You wash your cloak;
You love your cloak,
And keep it safe
From dust and rust.

But dust and rust
Can creep it in
And dirt your cloak
And wear it out.

Will you save it
or throw it off,
Wear a fresh cloak
And love it more?


Copyright © December 8, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Note of Thanks


Note of Thanks

Tell me
from whom I ought
to begin
to thank all that
that helped to bloom this little
flower of verses
and to share its fragrance of love – leading
to dust through lust, the climax
of all our wanton desires –
with you?
I’ll begin with you, Ven. Ananda,
with folded hands against my forehead,
salute of gratitude,
for poetry being my only treasure
and I have no other means to thank you,
and thank you, Shafna and my WordPress fellow bloggers,
for your kind
contribution to bloom this flower.
Now my sons: thank you, Mahesh,
the cover design and
sponsorship and you,
Sachith & Sachin,
for personalizing my gross concepts
with concrete images, and
finally, take this garland of love
Prema (mother of my sons) for igniting my
creativity with your love.
Note of Thanks for my second poetry collection: Love, Lust & Dust

Copyright © October 9, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

You’re their mother


Father though I’m, who set their bread,
Their mother you’re; you care them all.

When night and day harder you work
While giving that love, I used to own,
To the children of mine, love fills in my heart
Greater than the day I met you first
And gets me closer and closer to your heart.

When you sit beside and kiss my head,
Fragrance of yours that’s often smelt
On my infant son’s face, makes me a devotee
Of the temple of yours, and then I feel
Not you as my lover, but a great, great mother.

Translation to Maestro Amaradeva’s ‘Though I’m their father’  (I published this , first, on November 11, 2016. I thought of publishing it again with new edits.)

Copyright © August 6, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image Source: Pixabay

Small Love?

Does my love, this deep love,
My love of gratitude to this land,
The land that bore me, look sooo small?

Should I throw my love, this deep love,
Onto that space, empty and boundless,
And say so high with arms wide open,
“Fly high, and you’ll feel so cool my love;

Come, with all your men, rape this land,
Rape her, for she bore glorious sons;
Bulldoze all her ancestral roots, and
My boundless love shall keep me calm”.

You live now in, and love her if you can,
But you prove you don’t love this land;
You rape and bulldoze her honour and all
And say all around my love is sooo small.


Copyright © August 3, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

When your history is a desert,


Can you love a history;
Love those trees and its animals
When your history is a desert?

When your history is a long stretch of sand,
Nothing but burning, red, hot sand,
Rolling, circling cloud of sand;
I know, as you know, you can love sand.

How can you love the hell of these trees;
Rolling, crawling, sweeping creepers,
Sky-wedded stupas, palaces on rocks,
Acres of tanks or women with bare breasts

When your history is a long stretch of sand,
Nothing but burning, red, hot sand,
Rolling, circling cloud of sand?


Copyright © July 29, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


Beauty! What’s your shape,
your height, size or colour?
I don’t see beauty in white,
in a sky-bound tower
or an idly swimming hippo.

White reminds me death;
I see people coming to see me
in a dead white winter day,
wearing pale dead white.
Some say light comes with day,
and light is white, so white is beauty.
But lovers love not light or white;
they love moon yet not noon.
I hear when night rains black
lovers say they get their clothes
all wet.
I looked at a girl with full of love
in my eyes, but she tossed her head
and raised her nostrils with nausea.
I felt I was a cow dung at her feet.

And then I wrote a three-word letter,
“I like you,”
rolled it and boldly dropped it
when my girl came behind,
and a letter soon flew onto my hands,
“Short Sweetie,
dark brown you may be,
but I love you.”

Copyright © July 19, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Seeking love in lust

Sire, have you felt love ever,
Ever, in your vast pool of lust,
Where you play love forever
With stolen mermaids of love?

When mermaids murmur love
To inflame your ceaseless lust,
Flames of lust must rise above,
Yet yearn for love turns to dust.

When will you cease this quest,
This quest for love in sheer lust
And willfully seek a lasting rest,
Turning lust into a cloud of dust?

Copyright © Feb. 07, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

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Too late, darling!


Crazy, you are with old men,
Crazy old men, like me,
Whose love is now numbed;
So is their body, so numbed.

Haughty you’re in my prime;
Haughty, like any other dame,
Yet you served an old man,
My master, a crazy old man.

Numbed, I don’t feel now love;
Numbed, I don’t want to love;
So, you may feel empty, darling;
Thalia, you are too late, darling.

(Thalia is the Greek Muse for comedy and pastoral poetry)

Copyright © Dec. 21, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

English is my Muse


My Muse you are; you I truly adore,
But I love you not, for I feel you not,
I feel only for her, for only her I love,
She’s my love; you’re just my Muse.

Sure, she’s poor, yet she’s a beauty,
A delicate flower brooks often wear,
Passers-by fear for her beauty is rare,
So she’s my love; you’re just my Muse.

A beauty in Baikal slopes I dropped;
A primrose next-door, sadly I missed,
For promises I had tempted me a lot,
Yet she’s my love; you’re just my Muse.

Though a Trojan horse you really are,
I’m faithful to you, as was Paris to her,
Ships are ready to be sailed for you,
Yet she’s my love; you’re just my Muse.

Copyright © Sept. 19, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Love stumbled him down

Isurumuniya-Lovers- 2
It’s tragic when,
From mountain height,
Pride stumbles men down,
Anger stumbles them down,
Lust stumbles men down,
Though stars they are bright,
From mountain height
Into gutters so rotten.

How tragic should
It be when love,
Love stumbles men down,
Love stumbles them down,
From mountain height
To stinking gutters?

From mountain height
Love stumbled one down,
Love stumbled him down,
A star though he was so bright,
Into a gutter deep down
Since a princess he found,
A princess worm so bright
In that gutter deep down.

Copyright © September 5, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
(Isurumuniya Lovers, Sri Lanka) Credit of image to the rightful owner

Wild Love


I love you —
I love you wild;
I love you in all my heart.
The laity should not know our love;
They cannot understand our love,
For our love is so wild.

I loved to play with you;
I loved to play in you;
You know how wild our love was.
At dusk, I left your lap,
yet to come back to you at dawn;
So wild our love was.

You were our Sherwood,
And we often played ‘Robinhood’
Though I preferred to play Saradiel,
Who himself played ‘Robinhood’.
At dusk, we were kept behind bars,
Yet at dawn, we played ‘Robinhood’.

Only you know how wild I felt
When iron men fell your guards,
Stripped your fine clothes,
And raped you so mad,
In quest of treasure
To quench their wild pleasure.

Now you’ve been abandoned,
So, you have grown so wild,
But I cannot see your beauty;
I cannot play with you, play in you,
For there are seven sees between us
And my body is not so wild now

Though my love is still wild
And I love you, wild.


Copyright © August 23, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

A letter to a star


may my love seem,
yet a bright star I do love,
Who in the center of the sky,
being lulled in her mother’s lap,
does blink and wink on the sly
to express her divine love.

To express
my mortal love,
yes, I wink and blink slyly,
yet she may not clearly see
how desperately
I do love.

Tell me
a way to say my love,
to show my love, mortal love,
to Stella,
my brightest star.

Are they,
earth and sky,
so far,
so I can’t send a message of love
to my brightest star,
in the place of genuine love,
my brightest star?

I have no skills
to create a cloud of romance,
as Kalidas once did,
so I’ll make a little,
so little kite
to send my letter of love
to my brightest star,

Copyright © August 8, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

To heal my woes


Kuveni, never did I want to claim
You’re a witch who trapped me in your trance;
You know I was a captive in our game,
A vicious, ruthless political dance.
I only did enact their plot to seize
Your throne and spread a tale not true at all,
A witch you were whose decease did please
Islanders lived with hopes to see your fall.
You were their queen, a beacon in their life,
The guiding star; that was the truth, dark truth;
When you fell prey to my love to be my wife,
They lost their hope; we staged our plot so smooth.
But love my love I know is true and pure;
My hope is that for sure my woes to cure.

Kuveni: 6th century BC Sri Lankan queen

Copyright © August 5, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Sonnet: Love, Lust and Dust

yellow flower

Tell me which part you deem you do admire.
If it’s my eyes, my mouth, my breasts, or hip
That rouses lust, desire, your earthly fire,
For you to love I can that part now strip.
But mind! my eyes, my mouth, my breasts and all
Are filled with filth; which unless I mend stink,
And then you’ll see how soon apart they fall,
Which does then turn your lust to dust in a blink;
Then where’s the beauty of this useless frame
You say you find and hold so dear in your heart?
If it’s my eyes that set your lust aflame,
You’ll have them on your bed, the piece of art.
     It’s peace of mind I love but not your love,
     So, take them off, my head I do here bow.
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Your heart is a flower

You are a flower,
often guarded by drones;
your heart is a flower,
yet tell me, my sister,
do you feel any love?
Do these drones,
fly fast from one to another,
show you any love?

Meet Ambapali,
a name for a great flower
in the Grove of Mangoes,
whose beauty attracted
princely drones.
You’re her great grand-daughter;
ask if they did shed
a single drop of tear,
a mirror that reflects love.

Did those princely drones
see her tears within;
did they take any care of them,
that were shielded
by her eyes; their sapphires?

Will these drones that sing
songs of love for your love
be there tomorrow,
by your side
to sing such sweet songs
to you?

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Mourn more for the moon

On a night when darkness floods,
And we are groping for an edge,
We mourn more for the moon;

At a noon when sun scorches us,
And we’re direly in need of a shade,
Sure, we vow we love night more.

Now my love is eyeing on my lines,
Fancying they’re some lines of love,
So, I love my love were not with me.

When I feel so lonely without love
And do need someone to sit by me,
I’d love my love’re sitting beside me.

That’s how fate plays with our life.
When we are in want of something,
It leaves us and flies far, far from us.

Copyright © July 23, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay