Her Heart is My Sanctuary


I floated fatigued as a ship with none to steer,
Banging, and crashing with no sanctuary near,

And then she dawned blooming: a crimson rose,
Soothing with an angelic smile my heart that froze.

Heart leapt sensing her move as a gentle breeze,
Glancing at me like the moon, through the trees.

In the morn, she sunned my cold, snowy world;
In the eve, my soul froze when darkness furled.

I stood wriggling and adoring her lovely heart
Waiting for a welcome call to my piece of art

Soon lovely petals opened and let me sail in;
Her heart is my sanctuary: my greatest win.

Copyright © August 18, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Where have they all gone?


Rising darkness
heightens my loneliness,
and this rosy dusk and dilemma:
where to go, to which place,
is there a single plate of rice,
at least, a cup of tea
and a single bed,
waiting to be shared with me,
intensify my misery.

Calves that playfully
hopped around;
bulls that raised the dust,
butted their heads against
and chased the intruders;
and the shepherd boys
who guarded them…
where have they gone
against the rising darkness?

Bird youths that sang
to amuse their lovers
and bird damsels that danced
tossing their heads
and balancing their legs
to the tune of violins…
where have they gone
against the rising darkness?

Tired Sun
who peeped through
foliage and branches,
and with a tender smile
stroked my head
my heart…
where has he gone,
all gone
against the rising darkness,

leaving me here alone
on a rock-bench beneath this tree?

Copyright © August 10, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Where are you, my love?


On my couch this winter eve,
I’m lying alone while searching
In the far sky high above
Your image so pleasing,
Presuming it’s hiding there
Though my heart smiles
Knowing it’s a pleasant lie.

Amidst flower rains in spring
When that sweetie my loving
Did come to my hut so poor,
I felt I’d a companion so true
To pass with, the rough paths
In the wilderness of this life.

On a rough summer eve
When she sang songs so sad
Stroking my face thin so bad,
I did find here, there, above,
below and everywhere at least
One sweet song for her to sing.

Fallen dry leaves are scattered
In the compound around my hut;
Spiders’re viewing webs so thick around
my bed that mourns both day and night
and she, leaving only some memories,
has gone a long way away.

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