Conscience for Sale


Here, buy this conscience,
Useless nonsense;
I wish I had no sense,
So I could kill my innocence.

Come, water’s now troubled;
Innocence is just a bubble;
Exploit this troubled bubble,
And sell conscience for a ‘double’.

Copyright © Nov. 14, 2018; Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


An utter lie it is
whenever I say I’m sick;
when you say you’re sick,
an absolute truth it is.

Who is truly sick?

Can the same thing,
at the same time,
be an absolute truth
and an utter lie?

Protagoras defends you,
“Truth is relative;”
both hot and cold
a glass of water can be.

I don’t need Greek;
it is certain then,
power is truth;
colour has power,

so you’re truly sick.

Image source: Pixabay