A single wish!

In a police cell I live today
with fellow criminals
who may know not, as I do,
why we’ve been locked in.

Zoom in tales so horrible
from lonely, dark rooms,
maybe hellish than this cell
that we freely move around.

I see one’s feeble face
illumined with a single hope,
with a dire desire to die,
holding a loved one’s hand,

and with a faint, farewell look.

Copyright © March 28, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Mourn more for the moon

On a night when darkness floods,
And we are groping for an edge,
We mourn more for the moon;

At a noon when sun scorches us,
And we’re direly in need of a shade,
Sure, we vow we love night more.

Now my love is eyeing on my lines,
Fancying they’re some lines of love,
So, I love my love were not with me.

When I feel so lonely without love
And do need someone to sit by me,
I’d love my love’re sitting beside me.

That’s how fate plays with our life.
When we are in want of something,
It leaves us and flies far, far from us.

Copyright © July 23, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay