Regaining Our Territory


Ecstatic we felt
when that culprit,
the enemy of poets,
enemy of emotions,
who had a head
but not a heart,
being drunk with gold,
tricked us by crowning
and garlanding us
with Olive wreaths,
for the services we did.

he stole into our classes,
our long-held territory,
while we were in a trance,
and soon banished us,
claiming we had no lessons
to root out emotions,
(lower order thinking),
of the future rulers
of his stupid Republic.

Since then
we have been roaming
around classes,
populous L2 classes,
but we are not let in,
for they say we lack
higher order thinking.
Come, gather round;
let’s break the monstrous
clutches of Plato
(who couldn’t oust
his own emotions);
Let’s break into
our territory
and water those
withering plants
with deep emotions.

Copyright © Oct. 12, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay