Just another sense!!

If I had another sense,
A sense of foreseeing
My life, just after this one,
merrier would I be,
maybe, worrier I would be.

Were I again to be born here,
In this vast Ocean’s tiny pearl,
Among mortals,
Ah! among acrobatic mortals,
Who eat with one –
But sleep with another;
Who run with one –
But hound with another;
How happier would I be;
Ah! to live among such magic!!

Were I to be born not here,
But on another poor land
With no such divine magic,
Among monotonous immortals,
Who eat with one and sleep –
Ah! a poor sight! – with the same;
Who often run but never hound;
How dull that life would be?
Sure, too worrier I would be,
For having, then, such a sad sense!!

Copyright © Nov. 23, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

I’m a stupid human being.


Where I’m from,
where I’m to,
I know, I know not.

I know, I only know
where I’m now, right now,
at this very moment,
and I know
things around me are not certain;
they are in a constant flux,
and I’m to leave this place;
maybe now, at this very moment,
perhaps tomorrow;
I know not,
tomorrow may not be certain;
I’m a stupid human being.

Some say they go above;
others say they go below.
Dionysus went below
to bring back Aeschylus.
I know not,
nor do I want to know;
I don’t question anyone,
because they may be right.
I know, I know not;
I have not met any
from above or below.

I’m a stupid human being;
I see what I see;
what I can’t see,
what I don’t see,
I CAN’T say ‘NO’
I’m a stupid human being.

But one thing I know, for sure,
as a great poet once said,
I need to do a good job,
a great job,
and gather the daily stipends,
and be ready
when I’m going,
below or above,
I know not where,
then I’ll be


Photo: Pixabay