Starry crown

Feast galloped into a hole
And king held just its tail
But his tummy did tell
a tale his tongue didn’t tell.

I’ve read an anti-heroic tale:
A jackal a king cat fooled
And aptly proved him a fool
Witless, tasteless, and old.

Voices hissed in her ears
To mourn, to fight for rights
Or free this bloodless tree
And flee from deceit and lie.

“I’ll wear,” lastly he did swear,
“Atop, thee, my starry crown
And sit beside thee benumbed
Adoring thy rosy, fairy feet”.

Copyright © April 23, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Doomed heart?

He may lie to the whole world;
Rob he may the entire world,
But have you truly noted one
Escaping from his faulty heart?

He may pick a delicate flower,
And create a castle sky high,
But have you seen a man ever
Mending his crumbling heart?

He may win the entire world;
Lords may kiss his velvet feet,
But can he ever, truly heal
His doomed, aggrieved heart?

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Upstream, you did swim!


Upstream, you did swim,
Sprinkling love on envy,
And ousting fame and name as sputum,
But we’re paddling and battling downstream.

Upstream, you did swim,
Partaking from love of owning,
And tuning paeans seeing others dining,
But we’re paddling and battling downstream.

ඔබ ගියේ උඩු ගං

ඔබ ගියේ උඩු ගං
වෛරයට, පෙම් ජලය ඉසිමින්,
කිත්, යසස්, කෙළ පිඩක් යැයි හඟිමින්.
එහෙත් අපි තරඟයක ගළන ගඟ සමගින්.

ඔබ ගියේ උඩු ගං
වෙන්වීම, නියත බව දකිමින්,
දන්දීම, මහඟු මග ලෙස ගනිමින්,
එහෙත් අපි තරඟයක ගළන ගඟ සමගින්.

Copyright © April 12, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Jungle law? / අවනීතිය?

A-Monkey 2

Dinosaurs! a meteor killed.
In case, it failed,
Sure, they could have killed
You, me, and all.

Corona, will kill us all.
(I hope it won’t!)
In case, it failed,
Darwin, for sure,
Will prove us false.

ඩයිනසෝර්? නැහුනා.
උල්කාපාතයක් වැටිලා!
හැබැයි නැහුනෙ නැත්නම්,
අපි ඔක්කොම නහිනවා.

අපිත් නහිනවා,
කොරෝනා ගහළා.
හැබැයි නැහුනෙ නැත්නම්,
අනිත් උන් නහිනවා.

Copyright © April 5, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay



Did those clear eyes
that grin and sneer at
a man’s lost eyesight
see their sister-daughters,
or brother-sons
that did his ill-fate breed?

He was the beacon,
the guiding North Star
that guided us all
when we just grouped,
but what use of those magics
if in mud he wallows?

Copyright © April 5, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

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The Tenants

The Tenants, Poem

Let’s say.

Let’s say high,
kneeling down,
weeping, lamenting,
while waving
milk-white flags,
the emblem of peace,

“Give us,
just one chance more
to learn and live”.

Let’s say high,
pray and pledge,
palm on our lungs,
kneeling down.

Yeah, let’s say
high and loud,

“Allow us to live
as tenants, at least”.


Newton Ranaweera, March 29, 2020.
Image source: Pixabay

A single wish!

In a police cell I live today
with fellow criminals
who may know not, as I do,
why we’ve been locked in.

Zoom in tales so horrible
from lonely, dark rooms,
maybe hellish than this cell
that we freely move around.

I see one’s feeble face
illumined with a single hope,
with a dire desire to die,
holding a loved one’s hand,

and with a faint, farewell look.

Copyright © March 28, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

Fantasy fish


Craving to own
a fish alone,
begot he as his tool
a mid-day brawl.

His son and woman
bellowing, “Amen,”
butted their neighbours
bereft their armours.

Fate, his faithful mate,
marched, but in haste,
parodying him of a mule
and driving us to school.

Lost he his fight
his terrific sight,
his woman and son
and his single loin;

Oh! for a fantasy fish.


Copyright © February 4, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay