I’ll Quit the Books

Double I’ll grow, he says, if quit the books,
Throw the books and head towards brooks,
I will quit the books, leave this forlorn queue,
Rush to a wood, and lie beneath a yew.

I’ll quit this queue that runs to a bookshop,
Retreat to a wood and dwell on a hilltop.
I’ll quit this bookshop, the dusty graveyard,
The rusty bookstore, the tempting junkyard.

I’ll quit the books and retreat to a wood,
Sit beneath trees, teachers in my childhood,
Lie beside brooks and listen to their hymns,
The blissful tunes that finetuned my whims.

In green wood, the “Green Ever” bookstore,
I’ll be merrier than in this junkyard, for
Double heart will grow, brighter mind will glow,
Softly the wind will blow; to a wood I’ll go.

Inspired by William Wordsworth’s “The Tables Turned”

Copyright Β© March 12, 2021 – Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

11 thoughts on “I’ll Quit the Books

  1. Beautifully inspiring, Newton. I love the rhymes and the imagery evoking nature. I read Wordsworth’s poem and yours is really like a follow-up. My wish is always to make books and nature compatible. Why not read a book under a tree shadow listening to the sound of a waterfall?

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