Psychic woes

Flutters a crocodile gecko his thick-edged tail,
And licks his sticky lips with his twisted tongue;
His eyes ablaze with fire, and in his abdomen,
Rotten corpses stand erect like haunting tombs.

And now – withering thuds of weighty strides
Drown the boulder, the child’s hideout,
And a wretch with a deep cut on his right jaw
Towers, beclouding him like a deformed ghost.

A tender home gecko breaks his own tiny tail
As a trick to escape from Crocodile’s grip,
Yet Crocodile lands on the tailor-less soul,
Seizes him by his neck, and they wrestle and fall.

Wresting – rustling stops, and sky stands higher;
Nature’s slow somber music laments in a choir.


Copyright © August 12, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

20 thoughts on “Psychic woes

  1. Fantastic story! Should I be able to help you write your story? It is just a suggestion as a reader, set in swamps of South Florida, with spectral figures, who fight fiercely with each other, until someone, newcomer, stops them. A cordial greeting.

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