Jungle law? / අවනීතිය?

A-Monkey 2

Dinosaurs! a meteor killed.
In case, it failed,
Sure, they could have killed
You, me, and all.

Corona, will kill us all.
(I hope it won’t!)
In case, it failed,
Darwin, for sure,
Will prove us false.

ඩයිනසෝර්? නැහුනා.
උල්කාපාතයක් වැටිලා!
හැබැයි නැහුනෙ නැත්නම්,
අපි ඔක්කොම නහිනවා.

අපිත් නහිනවා,
කොරෝනා ගහළා.
හැබැයි නැහුනෙ නැත්නම්,
අනිත් උන් නහිනවා.

Copyright © April 5, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Jungle law? / අවනීතිය?

  1. A reflective poem, Newton. I like its concision and the two languages. So short and yet able to express that much. As usual the most vulnerable people are suffering and will suffer. They always get the worst part where some still live up to an old age while others die prematurely. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection “will prove us false”? Fact is the fittest usually survive especially if they belong to the privileged. If you have some money savings, are mentally healthy and have no record of previous diseases that will help covid 19 kill you, you are most likely to survive. The underprivileged, instead, homeless, refugees, victims of war and of any sorts of power abuse, always have it harder. I pray for them in this world of injustice. Our world is a world of worlds as Catalan philosopher Marina Garcés points out. Now is the end of a world within our world where a new world begins. Let us contain the pandemic worldwide with shelter-in-place measures, social distancing, masks, gloves, etc. , yes, but, lo and behold, be aware of technodictatorships. Even George Orwell could never have imagined that when he wrote 1984.

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    • Thank you so much, Marta, for this wonderfully great comment. I truly agree with your critique on how this pandemic, which I assume to have arrived in to make a fair judgement, does the opposite by punishing the underprivileged alone and letting the privileged (the fittest) creep through its loopholes.

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