A single wish!

In a police cell I live today
with fellow criminals
who may know not, as I do,
why we’ve been locked in.

Zoom in tales so horrible
from lonely, dark rooms,
maybe hellish than this cell
that we freely move around.

I see one’s feeble face
illumined with a single hope,
with a dire desire to die,
holding a loved one’s hand,

and with a faint, farewell look.

Copyright © March 28, 2020, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

5 thoughts on “A single wish!

  1. Beautifully poignant. Now that in Catalonia and rest of Spain we are under a lockdown because of the massive Coronavirus spread with more than 6.000 deaths, it feels easier to understand the circumstances of the incarcerated. How are you by the way? I heard only a 60-year-old man has died of Covid 19 in Sri Lanka so far out of 117 cases. Stay well. 🙏🍀😷☮️❤️

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