Dozing fire


Fire, wearing ash,
leisurely sleeps,

yet, the dozing fire,
when meets with air,
will ash every attire.


Bleeding swords

Bleeding swords
Painfully adore
Wealth of PEACE.

අළු යට ගිනි

ගිනි උඩ අළු
පියරු සේම ලු.

අළු යට ගිනි
ළද සැනින්
දවයි සියලු සළු.

කඩු ගයයි ගුණ

ලේ ගළන කඩු
දුකසේ ගයයි
සාමයේ ගුණ.


Copyright © August 6, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Dozing fire

  1. Poignant imagery. “Wealth of Peace” is no real peace with “bleeding swords”. You put the words very well together. Also, I like the inclusion of what I guess is your native tongue. I do not remember exactly from last time we spoke to each other. Is that Sinhalese?

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