A Slippery Fish


I look into the stream
of my own thoughts
that glides with breaking,
wrinkles of waves,
with a hook in hand
to fish that fish of craving
that breeds reddish fish
of envy, greed and anger
and smothers the stream
of my thoughts,
but with a twist of mockery
in its witch-like jaw
that slippery fish of craving
bites a bit from the bait,
plays around the hook,
breeds more fish of envy
and thus withers
the stream of my thoughts.


Copyright Β© June 27, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

20 thoughts on “A Slippery Fish

  1. I admit as an almost vegan person I do not like the idea of fishing and making an animal suffer. Yet your poem is beautifully written. The fish metaphor connected with the inner self and the feelings of craving and envy are wonderfully described in your piece. So well written, Newton. A poem full of depth, existentialist and intimate.

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