Power & Piety

Hare 4
Cobras my aunt honours,
“Go Cobra, dear Cobra, Go!!”
Bodhisattva once you were;
We honour you in His name.

Honour these men villains,
Who ransacked villages;
They are now gods in regions;
Them we honour in our names.

Bunny his own flesh did offer
Haring into dancing flames;
Gaily, we send him on flames
To honour his act of giving.

Forever, he’ll be in the moon,
An award to his self-giving;
Bodhisattva we’d gladly burn,
If he weren’t vicious but kind.

That’s how we honor our piety:
We honour a one if he’s mighty;
If he’s meek and gentle, Sires,
We send him promptly on fires.


(Another interpretation to Sasa Jataka, “The Tale of Hare”.)

Copyright © March 7, 2019, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

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