See, we’re free!!


Trees were our tortoise shell,
Which down – down we fell;
We stand now on dead stems,
Cheering – ah, see we’re free!!


Copyright © Jan. 15, 2019, Newton Ranaweera

Inspired by Poet Dayan Pasquale
Credit: whoever claims to own this image

18 thoughts on “See, we’re free!!

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  2. I’m a bit old
    and just need love
    I’ll be a bit bold
    and play the dove.
    I found a girl
    on a dating site
    oh, how I swirl
    to her I write.
    She’s just too young
    or I’m too old
    but I’ve begun
    and now I’m sold.

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  3. Marta, both these (that you have written) are exquisite pieces. I truly love them. Please, publish them in your blog , so we can appreciate them. I have another idea, if you could accept. We (with two other Sri Lankan colleagues) recently began a page “Ethnographic Poetry Circle” on Facebook. We could invite you to work with as a member to share your ideas with the general readership. 🙂 🙂

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