Blow ‘sigh-tempests’

Your ‘sigh-tempests’ and ‘tear-floods’
Are precious treasures in this desert,
Where dinosaurs in human forms
Devour trees, the earth’s treasures.

They badly bleed but men don’t see,
Or how down their tears slowly flow;
They only see the coaxing dollar-bills,
The falling, floating, handsome bills.

Cry, my son, shed more ‘tear-floods’;
Sigh, so high and blow ‘sigh-tempests’
Till wild they grow and spread wide,
And melt the monsters’ cold hearts.

Copyright © Dec. 27, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


29 thoughts on “Blow ‘sigh-tempests’

  1. Beautifully crafted with deeply poignant words to remind us of humanity’s evil-doings with nature. Your imagery is very powerful; for instance, the metaphor of human beings using machines and technology with destructive aims: “dinosaurs in human forms”. Words like “bleed” and “tears” help increase the emotional intensity.

    The last line of the first stanza provides a beautiful alliteration (“falling, floating, handsome bills”), also with the repetoition of the l letter. It gives an air of deceiving softness, just exactly what the ambition for money does to people.

    The triple rhyme of the last stanza has great strength: “Sigh so high and blow “sigh tempests” “. Brilliant poem, Newton!

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