Tempest 3


A TEMPEST is at hand

7 thoughts on “A TEMPEST is at hand

  1. An excellent metaphor for the ship of state, torn asunder by democracy at odds w/ itself.

    I am not sufficiently familiar with India’s complex history. But in the US, the Founding Fathers were concerned that democracy could be dangerous. They feared tyranny by the mob, i.e. ignorant voters under the sway of a demagogue, imposing their will on the minority.

    Another danger today is the tribalism so prevalent. Sadly, warring factions have lose sight of the common good. I assume you are familiar w/ this state of affairs, from your reference to Themis’ fornication (the rule of law corrupted).

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    • Thank you so much, Anna, for this brilliant comment. I represent Sri Lanka, an island nation state in the Indian sub-continent. I wanted to express my spontaneous feelings about the political crises in the country today, which would lead to a political tempest soon though it’s so sad!! 🙂

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