Wild Poetry Plant

Once this plant was a discarded one,
Discarded by a road side,
Trampled by the passers-by.

So, delicate flowers may not bloom
In a beauty’s hair to sit with pride,
Or with wedded ones to merrily ride.

Thus, she will birth only withered ones,
With stripped petals poorly smile,
And often having a dry, wild smell.

Copyright © Dec. 9, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


50 thoughts on “Wild Poetry Plant

  1. The word “discarded” is very powerful in the whole poem and opens to multiple interpretations. What and/or who does this discarded plant represent? Who are the passers-by trampling on it and why do they act this way? The last stanza, equally poignant, is the consequence of all said before. The rhymes and the imagery are very beautiful and have great strength.

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