In this narrow stretch
of no-man’s land
in a colonized land,
I live as a victim
while opposites stand
with arms in hand
to fight their battle,
the battle of opposites.

Anger frowns at Peace;
Joy winks at Grief;
Pride mocks at Humility;
Hatred does hate Love;
Desire is hot with Disgust;
thus, an army of opposites
have colonized this land,
keeping me a victim
in this narrow stretch
of a no-man’s land.

None do I love;
None of these opposites,
for Love or Hatred,
they are opposites.
That’s who they are,
to possess this land,
and I am but a victim
in this no-man’s land.

Nor do I love you,
Detachment, but trust you.
Do possess this land
and help me
to evict them all,
you, me, and all,
and to make this land,
a no-man’s land.

Copyright © Dec. 5, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


45 thoughts on “Non-Existence

  1. Absolutely brilliant writing, Newton! Metaphors go hand in hand with deep philosophical thought. The notion of opposites was how Ancient Greek philosophers like Heraclitus contemplated life. Dialecticians tried to seek the unity of opposites: “The road up and the road down are the same thing.” (Hippolytus, Refutations 9.10.3), and in your poem you ask detachment for help to inhabit no-man’s land as a way to comprehend the world. Very, very well done. Loved it!

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  2. It is true that we are often controlled by our passions, and that they can devastate our lives. But peace does not consist in banishing emotion. The peace God offers us is greater than anything this world has to offer. I like the Bible’s promise: “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You” (Isaiah 26: 3).

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      • Oh dear. I am sorry to hear.I would love to here your story why you feel discarded in your next blog maybe… I dont mean to intrude but discarded is a big word. It takes a lot of pain to identify that word to self. I hope that has passed in your life. I hope you have a great day☺


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