A poem born in a kitchen

I would love a poem that’s born in a kitchen
And slyly creeps as fumes through the chimney,
with a true tale of its creator, who softly sings,
Being aptly wrapped with her joys and mourns.

I would love a poem that’s duly born in a field
And mixes with breeze through sweat and mud,
With a true tale of him who sings while at work,
And dreams to live a better life with fellow folk.

I would love a poem humbly born in a cozy room,
But in dedication to them as a flower in full bloom.

Copyright © Dec. 2, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


37 thoughts on “A poem born in a kitchen

  1. A beautiful poem about the creation of poems and about the places, situations and especially people that inspire them; people who suffer in their hard lives but also rejoice. I like how the initial wish of your poem ends up becoming a reality having paid a tribute to these people. Love the flow of the whole poem and the beauty of the rhymes in the two last verses.

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