Guilt: Just sit and eat

I feel guilty
of being able to
just sit
and eat,
just sit
and eat.

They sweat
from morning till night,
yet can’t sit;
they don’t eat;
they only sweat
from morning till night.

Is this my fate
and their fate
where I just eat,
yet they don’t;
I just sit,
yet they can’t?

I feel guilty
of this fate
that lets me eat,
just sit and eat
whereas they sweat,
yet can’t sit,
and don’t eat.

Copyright © November 3, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay


49 thoughts on “Guilt: Just sit and eat

  1. Beautiful, eloquent, heartfelt and thought provoking, Newton. I feel the same guilt because I can still sit and eat whereas many people in the world can’t due to power abuse and rotten structural powers. Our present time is a new dark age for humanity and we are right in the middle of the tunnel. However, I can see the light in the distance. Human animals are as intelligent as stupid, and probably that is what saves us in the end. We are so terribly cruel, predatory, overpopulated… but thank God we have solidarity sometimes; we are able to love others and be creative; yes, creativity like poetry, arts, philosophy… artistic, historical and scientific research in good hands… yes, there is still hope thanks to all that.

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  2. Thank you so much, Marta, for this great comment, personalization and positive hopes for a better future. Your hopes for a better future reminds me what Trofimov says in Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, who [had] similar hopes in such a dark age in his context; and for sure, a great age soon dawned for them. Let’s keep the same hopes and make our own ‘little’ contribution through lines of poetry to make it a reality. 🙂

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