Truth is suffering

This pleasure is an illusion;
Now it’s with me,
But soon it will be gone;
Suffering may remain alone.

This pleasure is a mask
That I love to wear
In this life’s comedy
That I consciously live.

But I know; I hate though
Life is suffering;
Suffering is truth,
And truth is suffering.

Copyright © Oct. 15, Newton Ranaweera
Image Source: Pixabay


43 thoughts on “Truth is suffering

  1. Beautifully written with poignant words. Pleasure as a mask for life’s suffering being the truth. But… is there never real pleasure in life but always faked emotions, feelings and thoughts? Or are pleasure and suffering two sides of the same coin?

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  2. There is great validity to your observation that suffering is truth, i.e. that truth can be extremely painful to bear, and that suffering teaches us profound truths about life.

    Christians would add the following: First, that God is with us in suffering (Matthew 28: 20). We are not abandoned by Him. Second, that suffering is not without purpose, even when that purpose is not obvious to us (Isaiah 48: 10). It refines our character and helps us mature, transforming us into Christ’s image. Indeed, our suffering reflects both Christ’s death and resurrection (2 Corinthians 4: 10). Third, that God will ultimately administer justice for innocent suffering (Genesis 18: 25).

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