Oedipus, hold tightly my hands,
for the journey does begin now,
the journey into the depth of self,
this for centuries forgotten journey,
deep into the real battle ground
deep into the blazing fire hole;
hold my hands, for it begins now.

You I chose for this for you I trust
than Dionysus, that monkey trickster;
I know you keep guards of your words
and will stand by my side, inside
when Fire coils me around
with his vicious sting ready to pierce in.

Our plan is to captivate the evils in it,
and liberate the captives in it;
Fire of craving, with all his kids,
is burning you, her, me and everyone.
Our plan is to put an end to this fire
with tears of love, compassion and trust
and make it a colony of peace.

They explored all the dark continents
for gems, gold, oil, labour and spices;
itโ€™s futile, for millions lost their life;
but you straight went into your self
to find that truth, ugly, rotten truth
and tortured your body and self,
though no ‘wealth to you it brought’.

So, letโ€™s dive into this fire hole;
hold Devil of craving with his fire kids,
and captivate them by shedding on them
warm tears of love, compassion and trust
and make it a colony of peace.

Now hold our hands, you all, tightly;
our journey into the self thus, begins.


Copyright ยฉ August 16, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay

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