Tour into the Heart of Darkness


looking at
this mossed cottage
listening to rival advertisements
you may not see what really took place
taking place inside;
I’ll take you a tour around
some corners of this cottage.

I know you wouldn’t mind If I’d take a lantern
so you can have a clear glimpse
of those supposed dark corners,
let’s name our tour,
“Tour into the heart of darkness,”
this is not a tour of fun; this is a tour of information,
you need to trust me, my words, and what you’d see.


Copyright © July 11, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Inspiration from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Image source: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Tour into the Heart of Darkness

  1. Hello alessandria today, Thank you so much for reblogging my posts. However, since all these posts are in my second poetry collection (that’s now in print), it would be a great help if you could delete them from your end. Thank you.


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