Conflict is not a monster that sets us apart;
conflict is but a benefactor disguised so smart.

No conflict, no drama; no drama, no conflict.
Can the action move forward, with no conflict,
from exposition to resolution, through climax,
or the hero become at least a little more complex?

Had those feudal serfs not challenged the gentry,
and you wouldn’t bravely challenge your spouse,
wouldn’t mansions still suffer without our entry;
would there be suspense for the mice in your house?

If everyone says, ‘Yes’ and no one says, ‘No’,
if everyone begins to love and no one hates,
then everything will just halt or leisurely flow;
will you then see different colors, shapes or states?

Without a friendly conflict between bow and string,
if you shoot in haste, without holding it in leisure
and gently releasing it, will it to its target fling
and you get any treasure or simply any pleasure?

Photo: Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. Thanks for the great poem. On the one hand side true, I appreciate diversity! On the other hand side it wouldn’t be so terrible if everybody would just love. Nobody would complain to not be threatened by conflict, exiled by separation, prosecuted by differentiation. This is just a thought I had … All the best!

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    • Thank you so much for your great comment. I used Empedocles’ love and strife and Heracletus’ conflict of opposites as the basic concepts when writing this poem, and my my purpose was to create humour. Personally, I agree with you. Love is always better. 🙂 🙂

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