Let me sing my natural song


Lend me thy ears;
have mercy on my tears.
I’m a lonely old bird,
now in a cage,
a beautiful cage, made of pure gold
with so many doors, all but closed.

It’s true that I am singing,
but it’s the song
you want me to sing;
it’s not but my natural song,
the late autumnal song, the swan song.

Now my shrill whistle
may make your heart blissful,
and you may sigh a sigh
of love and of relief,
but I sigh a deep sigh,
a sigh of regret and of burden
because I cannot sing
my natural song.

You have hung the Nobel bell,
the bell of peace
around my tiny neck,
but I cannot ‘mew’
or wag my tail as does a kitten
because I’m a bird
who likes to sing
his natural song.

These golden plates,
golden spoons, golden beds
or your ball dances,
you dance for my pleasure,
cannot make me happy
for I have no appetite for any.

Without the freedom of heart
to sing my natural song
that springs form the depth of my heart
all those pleasures aren’t worth a penny.

Photo: Pixabay


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