A Poetic Debate

compare-643305_960_720A debate between two Williams
the Topic was old realism
the place I can’t remember
but there were three members
Williams stood for each hemisphere
Having great records as a spellbinder
and knowing the art of ending walls
Dionysus stood for both poles
In the old one
he gave one
more chances
but had no chances
this time, for such monkey dances

You oft escaped into unspoiled villages
and wrapped damsels in fancy images
You wandered only in corrupt places
and drew images of weary faces

You drew children as innocent flowers
and danced with them for many hours
Your children suffered from deficiencies
men were venomous as poisoned trees

You were so ensnared by all those -isms
You mean humanism criticism or tourism
Nay feminism and all those notorious -isms
Sure however except elitism and escapism

Stop your whining I love you both alike
you draw images as godlike or ghostlike
based on what you’ve seen how you view
your stances you need to view and review


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