Cuckoo Chick Little


A cuckoo chick little, cute very little
awoke from a dream, but not very peaceful.
He shivered in fear recalling the warning
by mother crow kind about his shrill cuckooing.
She promised him that the training of his voice
would make him caw, and he would feel rejoice.
Fear of torture made him try a silly attempt
not knowing that it would make him just repent.
A herald’s call of caw for a sudden attack
kept war heroes ready without any setback.
This tempted cuckoo chick, to try a sudden flight;
the rest I can’t say because it’s a sorry sight.

Drawing by Sachith Ranaweera


2 thoughts on “Cuckoo Chick Little

  1. I like your sketch. The little bird’s plummage is so different from its parent’s. I know that cuckoos will leave their eggs in the nests of other species. That seems to be reason for the problem the little bird had w/ his song. I was unsure whether you meant the poem as tragic or comic. I took it as the latter, though the little bird perishes. 😦 Quite a story for a mere dozen lines!

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  2. Thank you so much for your reading between lines, and the great comment. The sketch of cuckoo chick with her adopted mother crow was by my son, Sachith Ranaweera. True, it’s comic, but I would say that it’s rather ironic. The narrator may laugh not at the victim but the victimisers. Also, the narrator may want to spare the little one’s adopted mother from laughter though traditional belief goes that adopted parents, the very moment of identification, expel Cuckoo from home. Anyway, I’m sorry for the little one.


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