A buffoon reads history


  I met a man with a look so gullible,
who’s said to come from a village called Global.

Among the families with a very few highcaste,
he lives in the periphery as an utter outcaste.

When asked to describe his present destiny,
he said it’s for some villainy and also for tyranny.

His well-dressed ancestors lived in a mansion,
when those thugs with Mars began their expansion.

Since buffoons have no fond of incidents of blood,
I’m sorry, I’ll drop, here, some tears of dots……

Thus, he has lost his wealth not for any thunder,
but for those ruffians’ out and out plunder.

Now they are rich, but he is so poor,
so they can sing songs, yet he mourns every hour.

If you’d get offended for revealing this history,
I’d drink a pot of toddy, and munch a lot of pastry.

Since the scene is very short, the buffoon reveals only one (a historical) reason for the man’s present plight. However, the poet feels that domestic conflicts, idling, lying, dependence and corruption at home, should also be the other reasons for this man’s present destiny.

Photo: Pixabay


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