Am I immune to beauty?


Am I immune to beauty or half blind
that I see no beauty
but only change and loss in plenty?

Yet, if there’s any beauty,
why my beauty has lost her hair?
Does wearing fake teeth or fake hair
add anything to her beauty
or rubbing body lotion to her wrinkles in plenty?

If there’s any beauty,
where’re those who gently tapped me when met?
I have lost those people nearest and dearest
to me; they are the prettiest and fairest.
Where’s then any beauty?

Where’s any beauty,
when the innocent are killed in thousands,
and the Troy is aflame before us in reality,
and the Muses are adoring Trojan horses
for petty, not pretty, political reasons?

Beauty that you say is only illusion
that pops up its face to rouse your sensations,
and then drive you to further delusion.
Suffering, change and loss are in promotion
while illusory beauty is constantly in motion.

If you still insist that there’s any beauty,
I see only this beauty,
the beauty of change, and loss, in plenty.

Photo: Pxabay


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