Culture Shock

On a blissful spring morning,
when I wedded this sweetie, then twenty and flirting,
I was blessed by the birds with their melodious chirping
and a ‘host of flowers’ still blooming.

On a sizzling summer day noon,
I saw a spooky snake chase a house rat in a cartoon,
and harsh stifling wind topple a sand castle down,
and the tigress standing, wearing a fierce frown.

On a dismal autumnal evening,
when grey leaves were fluttering down, while grieving,
and rosy dusk was cheering the tired sun declining,
I saw my lover at the door-step cheerfully waiting.

In this chilly, intense winter night,
I saw a geckos’ fight, then their flight through dimmed light,
and suddenly stop, entangle and roll in a bundle too tight,
and felt her hand meet mine and vow never to live apart.

Posted on Poet’s Corner on Nov. 20, 2016.


One thought on “Culture Shock

  1. Through the central image of marriage, and other images, I attempted to discuss the four stages of culture shock: honeymoon, frustration, adjustment and acceptance, that any individual would experience when living in a new land.


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