Our Journey of craving and desire


This is a tribute to my aesthetic and cultural Guru, late Maestro Pandit W. D. Amaradewa


Having the sacks of craving
and desire on our shoulders,
without viewing the road we have taken,
without reviewing the results,
are we going this journey to see a spark of light?
Are we going to seek pleasure
in a burnt desert of sand?

The flooding rivers, trees and their leaves
go dry when drought comes;
when drought comes, go dry
the flooding rivers, trees and their leaves.
Spring full of bloom won’t last forever
in our journey of craving and desire.

Some struggle to come out of darkness
and see some light,
others ever seek darkness
in the depth of darkness,
and they ever see only darkness.
Life’s intense reality is that
we all wallow in the wild of darkness.

Birth of comfort and pleasure
is nowhere but in a drop of tear;
sorrow is the father of pleasure
in this world.
Ay! it is the father of pleasure.
Sorrow and pleasure live together,
and never do they depart each other.

(January 1, 2016: My translation to Maestro W. D. Amaradewa’s song ‘Thanha asha ologu karela…’; Original lyrics by Madawala S. Rathnayaka. I edited my translation on November 3, 2016.)

Posted on Poetry Corner on November 6, 2016. https://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/our-journey-of-craving-and-desire-a-translation/#more-221410


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